Christmas Decor and Functional Art

Enchanted Gingerbread House in Wintry Woods
3 layers of glass, back panel is rainbow iridescent blue glass with a
dichroic silver moon and birches, second layer is a white screen printed
deer in the woods and the front layer
is the Gingerbread house with fir trees. The gingerbread house has Christmas murrini around the door, gingerbread men, snowflakes, holly, poinsettas and candy canes. It measures 13 inches wide by 12 inches high and 7 inches deep. $259

Iridescent tree with dichroic accents
Candle Screen approx 28 x 28 cm $95

Gingerbread house in Winter Woods
Candle Screen
Approx 10 x 13 $85

Snow Scene on Iridescent light blue glass 28 x 17 cm $89

Gingerbread house in Woods with
Dichroic star Candle Shield $89
23 cm tall, 21 cm tall, 14 cm wide

Gingerbread house in winter scene 28 x 17 cm $89

Gingerbread house 28 x 17 $129

Side view

This Candle Screen with a gingerbread house has a beautiful textured rainbow iridescent base. The candies on the gingerbread house are murrini of various types, tiny hearts, poinsettas and gingerbread men. The trees are also made of iridescent glass that shimmer in the light. This is a truly spectacular one of a kind piece. It's a big one, 12 x 12 inches. $129

The trees in the snow are also on an iridescent base, with dichroic snowflakes that will sparkle when the light shines on them and a small snowflake next to the middle tree. The trees are also iridescent glass to add to the sparkle.
It's by 11 x 7 ". $89

A lovely layered 3D decorative accent for your home.
15 cm x 15 cm x 14 cm deep. $49

Dragonfly Textured Candle Screen
made of rainbow iridescent glass that
shimmers in the light 7 x 11 $75

Snowflakes small 5 x 5 cm $12
Large 12 x 12 cm $20

Dog Ornament
8 x 6 cm $15

Happy Snowman Ornament
9 x 8 cm $15

Individual trees with fused glass bases
Approximately 6 inches tall $25 each.

Gold leaf dragonfly decal
on red heart ornament $15
Approximately 4 x 6 cm

Purse ornament $15
Approximately 5 x 3 cm

Dichroic dragonfly
on blue glass ornament $15

Polar Bear Ornament $15
7 x 6 cm

Mitten Ornament $15
8 x 6 cm